Data Protection

Image of a safe symbolizing protected data What is the most valueable asset in your computer? The CPU? Hard drives? Software?

Your data is the most valueable asset in your computer.
You have spent years collecting these beautiful images, these moving music tracks, years of financial records.

One day, you come back from a wonderful vacation, turn on your computer, and it does not boot!
After some investigation, you discover the hard drive has crashed! You can get a new hard drive, you can reinstall the operating system and application, but what of your data? You may have to pay thousands of dollars to recover this data.

Don't wait until this happens to you!

Contact Sabra Software now.

Your system will be checked, updated, and a backup procedure implemented for your data's safety.
your computer will be scanned, cleaned, and performance tuned. Optionally, we will install Antivirus software on your computer and tune it for you.

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