Software Maintenance

Your computer performs many functions:

it keeps your pictures, your music, your finances;
it allows you to connect to the internet and chat with family and friends, or do research for work or pleasure.
it helps you do work such as design, music making, document creation,
and more.

Like any machine, your computer must be maintained to perform well.

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Let us do the dirty work for you. Your system will be returned to you in its best possible condition, ready for you to do the fun stuff for which you got a computer in the first place.

There are several types of installations that can take place on a PC: Operating System installation, applications, device drivers, utilities, and so on. These are not the FUN part of using a computer, but are necessary for the health and maintenance of a computer system.

You may not have the time, or may not care for the frustration usually associated with these tasks.

Your operating system, drivers, applications and/or utilities will be installed. The system will be tested, and if conflicts or incompatibilities are found, they will be resolved when possible, or reported to you.

Operating system developers may be the brightest of all software developers. They create the software that makes it possible for all other software to run.
Installing an operating system, however, can be a long and tedious process. Do you have the latest drivers for your hardware? Do you have the time to look for them? Do you have the time to devote to this project? Is the time it takes to install an operating system costing you in productivity loss?

Do not worry!

Your operating system will be installed with the latest drivers. The system will be tested. If any incompatibilities are found they will be fixed, or reported (if there is no existing fix).

How do you know if your computer is infected? The signs may be obvious: unexpected messages and other pop-ups appear; or no so obvious - system performance degrades.

What to do?

Your computer will be scanned, cleaned, and performance tuned. Optionally, we will install Antivirus software on your computer and tune it for you.

Installing application is not always as easy and effortless as the application writers would want you to believe.
Beside being time consuming, unexpected incompatibilities can cause instability, bad performance, or render your computer unusable.

Do not worry!

Your applications will be installed, and the system tested. If incompatibilities are found, they will be completely and cleanly removed and your system will return to its best functioning self.

So don’t throw your computer out the window and move to a desert island quite yet.

Contact Sabra Software now.

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