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Do you need a web site to promote or expand your business? Are you an individual who wants to display a great photo collection? Your music? Your talent? Are you part of a group that plans meetings and events, and wish to use the Internet to plan, schedule, and advertise your events?

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We will create clean, attractive web site that will draw attention. In addition to creating the website itself, if needed, we will help you through the setup process from selecting a hosting company to registering your domain name and implementing the website.
Payment is simple: a set price per page (as little as $99), no matter how much work it takes to complete - this is definitely an advantage for our customers.

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Has your computer suffered a hard drive crash? Do you need an operating system or applications installed?

Is your system slow, or are you concerned with not having a trustworthy backup procedure?

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Your operating system or applications will be installed, the system tested, and returned to you in good health.
Your system will be checked, updated, and a backup procedure implemented for your data's safety for a little as $99.
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