Web Applications

Web applications represent the next step in Web Design.

With Web Applications, the sky is the limit (almost). Often, a database is used on the server (or more than one server) to store information that can be used by authorized users. With this database, information can be divided by categories, or authorization, or personal interest, or any number of criteria.

Use a web application to register users for a company event. Or reserve places in a restaurant, theatre, or any other place. A web application can help organize festivals, keep scores in games or competitive events. Best of all – a web application can make all this information available to you anywhere in the world.

Do you have special needs such as a multilingual website? Photographic needs? Musical arrangements? Sabra Software can accommodate.

Businesses can increase the bottom line figure by making information more readily available to their employees. Customers can use Internet applications to purchase from business or otherwise communicate with them.

Groups and Associations
Groups and associations can use Web applications to plan and advertise group meetings and events.

Individuals can share videos, music, pictures, and other documents with family and friends. Or they can communicate with companies, as employees or as customers, from anywhere in the world.

Whether having access to your infomration from many places, or having many people access your information, here at Sabra Software we create database-based web applications to suite your needs - all for as little as $99 a page.

Contact Sabra Software now. Let's talk about your web application needs.

Payment is simple: a reasonable price per page, no matter how much work it takes to complete - this is definitely an advantage for our customers.

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